Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Le Geek, C'est Chic

My computer has sound for the first time since its epic tantrum in March. Nearly every day, someone would send me a link or I'd want to click on a video, only to remind myself that no, can't happen. When online access to information virtually is unlimited, any limitations appear ridiculously frustrating. A bratty problem to have, grand schemers.

Still, being reintroduced to sound and multimedia is momentous, if only in a first-world kind of way, and I spent the wee hours of this morning becoming reacquainted with YouTube and iTunes and IMDB.com movie trailers...and...and...

and this!

and this!

And while we're destroying any shreds of street cred, let's press play:

I would like to see this:

And then this:

Sufficiently overwhelmed with technological possibility? Check out an NPR piece on digital overload. Today I heard an interesting interview Terry Gross did with Matt Richtel, who explained why talking on a cell phone while driving is far more distracting than talking to another passenger in the car. (I was listening to said interview while driving. Um.) And now I can listen to the interview with ease, safely from my office desk chair, if I so desire.

Now that I have contributed my early-morning sound binge to the void of the Internet, consider this NYT Magazine article, on the difficulty of erasing your posted past. Which I am now posting, and which will be archived ad infinitum. Freaky.

But not as freaky as our man Mr. Jones:


  1. OPEN CITY Magazine's Tom Beller "interviews"
    Anderbo.com's Rick Rofihe

    (Click on my name at top,
    Then go to "windows" to see -- and hear! -- minimovie...)

  2. Thanks, Rick - is there a direct link? I couldn't access it this way, for some reason.

  3. By "freaky," you mean awesome, right? And I'm not the only one who thinks so. At the :33 mark, you can see one old white lady turn to another and mouth, "Awesome." And she's right.

  4. Sarah, it's a 2-or-3-step process, but start with
    (+ it's also near the bottom of the anderbo.com home page.)

  5. Good stuff. Favorite line: "A bratty problem to have, grand schemers."

    And on Gordon Lightfoot... it's interesting that in an art form where an Australian can sound like a Texan (yeah, I'm talking to you, Mr. Nicole Kidman) and a 70-year-old Welshman can sound like an Atlantic City lounge singer, a white rapper, and Aretha Franklin ALL IN THE SAME SONG...


    ...Gordon Lightfoot's singing voice is clearly Canadian. I'm not complaining, you understand. I like all three guys.